File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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Advice wanted: NAS to NAS Backup

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we have a NAS1 with data as a source, Files on an SMB share, with 10 GBit/s connection.
Also we have a NAS2, SMB share, 10 GBit/s connection and a PC with a 10 GBit/s network adapter.

What we want: Every morning, the PC should do a backup of all of NAS1 to NAS2. Versioned; bi-weekly full backup, daily differential.

Can anybody tell me if this is possible with B&R, and what tips you could give me.

[Background: NAS2 is not detectable on the network where NAS1 resides. We want to achieve immunity against crypto trojans from that NAS1-network. If by any bad chance NAS1 is encrypted, we want to have unencrypted versions of files on NAS2]

Thanks in advance for helpful comments! :-)

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Re: Advice wanted: NAS to NAS Backup

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Hello and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

You can try to leverage File Share Backup functionality. However, the proxy server must have network access to NAS1 and to NAS2. The NAS2 can be used as a repository for backup, for example you can add it as SMB share, please see this page as well. Also, File Share Backup job produces full only when it runs for the first time, all subsequent sessions create incremental backups.


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