File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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Back up of replicated storage

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I am trying to come up with a replicated solution for a Digital Asset Management System. I have two servers, each with enough storage to accommodate the 50Tb needed for the data. The program itself is not large. The suggestion is to have a Virtual Machine with all the storage, and to use Server to Server storage replication as per ... a-overview.

My worry is that from a Veeam B&R replication it's going to lead to a massive backup because the VM will be changing between every backup, so presumably there will be a lot of checkpoints of quite large size.

Is this a workable configuration?

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Re: Back up of replicated storage

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Hi Tim

Is your question about if File Share Backup Jobs could be a solution for your scenario?
Or is this about VM Replication (in that Case, I will move your topic to the correct forum)?

VM Replica
The size of the checkpoints in case of a replication depends on how much data you changed on the Digital Asset Management between the replicas. The number of checkpoints depends on the configured replica retention.
Replication only replicates changed data blocks and not entire files. You have to design your production infrastructure to be able to store the checkpoints and transfer the changes within the required time.
If you use our VM Replication, I don't see the need of Storage Replication from Microsoft.

File Share Backup
You can use File Share Backups to backup the data, if you have files and folders in your DAM system. A Disaster Recovery could take longer because you don't have a backup of a server which you can start up directly from the backup. You can use Instant File Share Recovery, but read only. That will only work, if your program access the data over a DFS Share.
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