File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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NAS backup file list

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I have a files to tape job currently, where due to the nature of tape, the individual files are stored in the database/catalog (table dbo.Tape.files) and i can produce all sorts of reporting, etc. Even giving someone a "receipt" in an archive scenario. In other words, "yes, I backed up these files to tape, you can purge them from disk".

Now with NAS backups, this same concept does not seem to apply? I don't see anywhere where files that are backed up are tracked, which I assume means is in the Metadata?

In the scenario described above am I able to produce any reporting of what individual files were backed up, other than launching a restore window and selecting a restore point? is the Metadata (where I assume the NAS info is stored) exportable at all?

I realize that digging into backup sets for a list of files is a bit of a "legacy" feature more associated with tapes, but it does have its use cases that are convenient.

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Re: NAS backup file list

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you are correct. The file names are stored in a proprietary format which cannot be queried like a SQL database. Mounting a backup (file level recovery or instant recovery) and then doing whatever operation is needed would be the way to go.

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