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NFS share backup - storage settings

Post by greg.g »

I need to backup log files from a NFS share. The log files need to be retained for 5 years. Log files get written to the NFS share daily. Files are never altered once written, additional files are just added each day. The purpose of this is to be able to restore these log files for audit investigations down the road.
My question is, what storage settings should I be using in the backup job? Should I just set "Keep all file versions for the last" to 60 months and not use the "Keep previous file versions" option. Or, is there some benefit to setting "Keep all file versions for the last" to 30 days and "Keep previous file versions" to 5 years?

I did notice today while testing the restore functionality that there seems to be no way to restore multiple files, and directories can't be restored from archived backups.
When audits are done, log file requests typically cover some sort of date range. It could be 3 day of logs files or 2 years. Having to restore files one at a time seems like a weak point with this solution. If I don't use the archive function I could always restore all the log files which isn't ideal but better than having to restore 365 files one at a time.


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Re: NFS share backup - storage settings

Post by HannesK »

if files are never changed and deleted at source, even keeping them for 1 day could be enough :-)

I would go with the 60 months, because it's most intuitive for me. With the setup you have, it will be the same, because your files never change.

If I understood you correctly, then your files never change / are deleted. That means, they will never end up in archive repository.

For directories from archive repository: there is a hotfix for issue 352440 that allows at least folder restore via PowerShell. That hotfix is available via support.

If your goal is to store the files in (cheap) object storage: V12 will be able to do that.

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