File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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PST File backup in file share

Post by Ramalingam N »

HI Guys,

Configured File share (SMB) backup using Veeam B&R,the file share has file & folders and User PST files.

But we suspect whenever the backup runs the PST File size is always equal to full backup size.

Let me know how PST file backup will taken place first Full then rest all incremental backup or always full backup for PST Files.

Note:The file share is created using Nutanix File server.

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Re: PST File backup in file share

Post by Gostev »

Right, this is how file-level backup works. You're probably thinking block-level backup of VM images, where only changed blocks are picked up by the incremental job run... this does not apply here. Thanks!

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