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Question regarding Backups to external HDD

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Hi All,

My setup:
2 VMHosts running eSXI(6.7.0) + Vcenter.

Veeam Backup 11.
I backup all VM's on a daily base, using incremental backups. A synthetic backup is created weekly on Saturday.
Monthly I copy the VBK file to an external drive.

I would like to copy the last VBK file to an external HDD weekly, on an automated base, and then take the external drive offline. What would be the best way to achieve this?"
Using a script? Or can i configure a secondary job, and only copy the most recent VBK file?

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Question regarding Backups to external HDD

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Create a Repository on the changeable media and set the changeable media setting. Then use a backup copy job for it. If you search within the forum here you will find a lot of discussions related to it.

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