File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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Slow NAS backup

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Hello, I am considering switching to Veeam for backups and have been experimenting with a trial copy. So far, everything has been great except for one issue. We have a Qnap NAS with about 2 TB of data on it that needs to be backed up. The only way I could find do this is through the SMB shares. While it did work, it was extremely slow, as in 64% after 4 days before I killed it. Granted, my test machine isn't much of a powerhouse (6 core I5, 32 GB, Win10 Pro), but still I would expect better performance than this. Does anyone know what I may have done wrong or if there is a better way to approach this? TIA
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Re: Slow NAS backup

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and welcome to the forums.

How fast is robocopy to do the same thing? The initial full should be at similar speed as robocopy. The incrementals should be faster. In general, it depends on the number / size of the files. 100M files à 1KB take longer then 1 file à 1TB. I guess, the NAS is simply too slow.

How is CPU & RAM usage during backup? One can "tune" with tasks (in the proxy settings) and backup I/O control in the share settings

What do you use as backup storage?

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