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Veeam 11 and NetApp OnTap Snapmirror

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We have an installation on Veeam 11 and I'm looking at a way to monitor / manage our NetApp OnTap storage which is currently using SnapMirror / SnapVault to replicate to a DR storage array.

The OnTap source array hosts CIFS shares (SVM) which are presented to the user base as file shares (not infrastructure VM guests), each SVM (share) has been configured to replicate to the DR array with a 12 hour RPO and 2 week RTO via NetApp. However the management of the NetApp is via logging into the cluster, so I'm looking at utilising Veeam B&R and One to deliver a single management console.

I've added the arrays to Veeam in the storage inventory but when they are scanned they return the following warnings.

WARNING - snapshot directory (.snapshot) for CIFS share "sharename" on volume "volumename" is not visable
SUCCESSFUL - CIFS export supported for backup from storgage snapshot are found on storage "arrayname" using SMB client from proxy "proxyname"

So I have a couple of questions?

Does Veeam support this function?
Do I need to reconfigure the replication method to get this working? (Add storage as a NFS source / destination and configure a file backup utilising storage replication)?
or something else?

Many thanks

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Re: Veeam 11 and NetApp OnTap Snapmirror

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Hi Garry, Welcome to the Veeam Forums!

Unfortunately I don't think Veeam Backup & Replication is the correct tool for your use case. Currently our NAS integrations for ONTAP are for backup purposes only. Backup is defined as a copy off of ONTAP into a Veeam repository in Veeam format. Currently in v11 there is no SnapMirror or SnapVault management for CIFS or NFS shares with VBR like we have with VMware datastore volumes.

You can read more about our NAS backup integrations here: ... ml?ver=110

Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!


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