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Veeam DB size for a File2tape job compared to V10 NAS backup

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Currenly, we're using Veeam file2tape jobs to backup our SMB fileshares from the Netapp storagesystem to tape. The Veeam DB gets huge with these file2tape jobs, maybe due to the indexdata, I don't know. My question now is: Is the Veeam DB smaller, if we would implement the V10 NAS backup instead of the file2tape job, to backup the Netapp SMB shares to a Veeam Disk repository and copy these backup data in a second step to tape?

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Re: Veeam DB size for a File2tape job compared to V10 NAS backup

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The answer is yes: if you use v10 NAS backup, Veeam DB will be very small as it will no longer store the File to Tape job catalog.

However, you cannot copy v10 NAS backups to tape reliably, as this engine is built for D2D backups - and is not compatible with basic tape out. You would need to ensure NAS backup and tape out jobs never overlap, which I assume will be hard to achieve with your data size. Because whenever they do overlap, you will end up with an inconsistent and unrecoverable NAS backup state copied to tape.

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