File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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Veeam do not backup files from NAS folder

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I have such problem I see that Veeam do not backup files inside my folder on NAS, on report job .csv file I see such error:
"\\?\UNC\QNAP\vcenter\vCenter\sn_vcsa.domain.local";"Failed to rescan folder";"The specified network name is no longer available.Failed to initialize win search iterator. Path: [Prefix [\\?\UNC\], Path [QNAP\vcenter\vCenter\sn_vcsa.domain.local]]. Error code: 64 "
Veeam server and QNAP are on the same subnet so firewall should not be a problem here.

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Re: Veeam do not backup files from NAS folder

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Hello Wojciech,

Can you confirm that account used in the file share properties have access to this folder? Not only Veeam B&R but all the associated file proxies must have access to the folders you are backing up from the source.


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