File-level backup from NAS, file shares and file servers
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(Windows) NFS Share file/folder backup to tape

Post by jround »

We have a Windows VM running a NFS File Share so one of our Linux based systems can dump some archive data there periodically

What I would like to achieve :-

Veeam scans this share periodically for any existing or new files
Veeam then backs up these directly to a dedicated tape drive / tape
After a successful backup it would then be ideal if the files could be automatically deleted from the VM

So the files would be backed up to tape, then the data deleted from the NFS share and when new data turned up the tape would backup the new data and so on

Is this possible at all? :)

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Re: (Windows) NFS Share file/folder backup to tape

Post by HannesK »

yes, that would be possible with a file-to-tape job and post-scripts.

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