Host-based backup of Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.
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Potential Hyper-V Replication conflict?

Post by Tom_LeFx »


I am pretty new to Veeam and in the process of setting it up in our environment to replace Altaro VM Backup

We have a main Windows-Server 2019 Host-System, that runs our VMs, one big one as our fileserver and some smaller ones for utilities - Domain Controller, Linux-VMs, 1 Windows 10 VM as Veeam Backup Server (I run with Windows 10 for the backup server, because we would require to buy another full Windows Server license to cover that additional VM, which is a cost, I do not fully see the need of having - according to the manual, Windows 10 is a supported system to run Veeam Backup&Replication on)

The most important VM to be backed up is our fileserver, that is about 11TB in size.
At the moment, we are also running a Hyper-V Replica Setup, so the VM is replicated with Hyper-V-Toolset to the Secondary Host in 5 Minute intervals.

When reading the manual of Veeam, I came across this part though, which makes me doubt, if I can keep this setup running, when switching to Veeam, or if I need to also switch to Veeam Replication to make it work properly:

Do not use native Hyper-V replication especially if replication is targeted at the same scope (host, cluster, SCVMM) where the source VM resides. This can cause VM ID collision. Instead, we recommend you use Veeam replication. For more information, see Replication.

The two host systems are not part of a cluster or anything like it - they are part of the same domain, but that's about it.
We don't have high-availability setup - it's a plain replication with Manual Failover-Option.

Can I keep that Replica-Setup within Hyper-V or do I need to switch to Veeam Replication to prevent any issues when using Veeam as my backup tool of choice?
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Re: Potential Hyper-V Replication conflict?

Post by nmdange »

I take backups of VMs being replicated with native Hyper-V replication without any issues.
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Re: Potential Hyper-V Replication conflict?

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We just acquired a client with native hyper-v replication. It seems to be working ok with Veeam. Tom is that still working for you? Curious if we need to focus on removing this soon, or if we can leave it.
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