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Re: Snapshots and low disk space

Post by Calby » Feb 19, 2018 10:27 am

Mike Resseler wrote:From what I read here, I think it is indeed on the disks that hold the VMs.

I would suggest at this point in time to open a support call so our engineers can help you with (at least I believe this will be the way to go if I read everything correctly) merging the AVHDX file (unless that AVHDX is from a cluster disk, which unfortunately also uses AVHDX as extension) and then work further from there. As long as we don't have the space, we can't take that backup. If you run out of it... Well, you want to avoid that :-)

I think it is better that the engineers look at it with the logs and also maybe with a support session because if I would give you advice to do a merge here, without actually seeing what is going on, I might give you the wrong advice and you could loose production data which I don't want to happen :-)

Please post the support case ID here and the outcome after investigation/ working with the engineers


I did fix the issue by my self, it was like I did think.

The total space for one of my disk was 2785GB (2,72TB) so I did take -6% (167,1gb) of that and that is 2617,9GB so I did round it down so what I did was that I did format the VHDX to only use max 2600GB and now everything works like a charm :)
Now I know that I never can get that kind of issue again with this disk I guess (hope).

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Re: Snapshots and low disk space

Post by Mike Resseler » Feb 20, 2018 6:03 am

That is actually a great tip! I'm sure others will benefit from this also when having the same problem.

Thanks for letting us know, and I am glad that you have solved it!


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