Host-based backup of Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.
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SQL-DB, Domain Controller VM backups

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Hello Team,

I have multiple VMs running on Windows Hyper-Visor Cluster with MS-SQL DB (standalone, Cluster, AG mode), Domain Controllers and Filesystem Clusters.
What's the best practice to create these jobs ?
Should I have a single job for the entire Hyper-V Cluster (400+ VMs) and segregate the SQL-DB, Domain Controllers with application aware ?
Should I have multiple jobs for SQL-DB, VMs, Domain Controllers, Filesystem Clusters . Please help.
Also, I heard the Veeam12 uses agent to backup the SQL-DB can anyone help with this ? I don't see SQL-DB agent in my account downloads.
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Re: SQL-DB, Domain Controller VM backups

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I don't think that there is a best practice, it's up to you how you prefer to organize jobs. I believe it mainly depends on schedule and on repository where you're going to store backups. From my point of view, it's easier to manage several jobs, it gives you more flexibility than with a single big job for 400+ VMs: what if you decide later to exclude a VM or add a new one or to move some backups to another repo, or change retention policy for some of them. For instance, you can group VMs by application type and create a job for every group.

I think you're asking about our new plug-in for Microsoft SQL, it has many advantages mainly for DBAs including high performance and scalability.

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