Host-based backup of Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.
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VMM VLANS and Surebackup

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We are beginning to migrate our AD to its own VLAN. Currently everything is on one Datacenter VLAN. This makes Surebackup simple. I'm not sure on the way to setup multiple VLANS in a way that Surebackup will work with. We created new Network Sites and all the sites use the same logical network. This works for VMM and Hyper-V but doesn't appear to work with Surebackup. Trying to create a edit the virtual lab it appears only one "production network" can be tied to only one VLAN. I know this isn't a Hyper-V forum, but I want to clarify how Veeam needs VLANing done. It appears we need to get each VLAN to it's own "Production Network" for Virtual labs to be able to be able to handle the different VLANS?
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Re: VMM VLANS and Surebackup

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you need one network card per VLAN. In the virtual lab settings, use the "advanced single-host" option.

Each production network (VLAN) needs to be mapped to an isolated network. The isolated networks will be created automatically.

Vmware and Hyper-V are similar from a configuration point of view. So you can use videos / blog posts also as explanation if they were made for VMware. -> "data reuse" section

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Re: VMM VLANS and Surebackup

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We have the same issue. Veeam cannot see beyond the logical network switch to the virtual network attached to your network site.
Setting the VLANs manually as suggested by HannesK under the advanced single-host option mentioned will work but my suggestion would be to use a standalone Hyper-V host with a standard network switch for SureBackup if you can.

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