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Alert Groups in VM4

Post by western592 »

Is there any way to group VM's together for the purpose of setting up alerts. For example, I would like to have different alert thresholds for a group of web servers versus some DNS servers. We have hundreds of VM's, so creating individual alerts for each VM would be too daunting. The only way I see to be able to do this is through Resource groups that are setup in VMWare. I would rather not use these since they do not match the group alarms I would like to setup.

Thanks for any help on this!

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Re: Alert Groups in VM4

Post by Gostev »

Hello Dave, this is not possible right now, but this is actually coming in the future release. And it will be much more than simple VM grouping in one specific product. We will help you manage and automate grouping of your VMs on the top, virtual infrastructure level, and all our products will be able to understand this grouping and have the corresponding view mode for you to be able to make use of your custom grouping.
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