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Missing statistics

Post by kr0zfire »


I'm in the midst of evaluating Veeam monitor for our VMware deployment and it seems that I'm missing data for one of our ESXi hosts.
In the Veeam log, there is a line that says collection thread exit and another some time later that says collection thread start.

02/11/09 14:46:39 Inform 0x0000139C "Collecting thread exits, hostID: #215 (x3850-devpsr2)."
02/11/09 23:53:45 Inform 0x0000171C "Collecting thread starts, hostID: #495 (x3850-devpsr2)."

Now I can't seem to find any data for this node prior to 02/11/09 23:53:45 but i know that data was being collected even before this date+time
Any ideas on this?
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Re: Missing statistics

Post by Gostev »

Hello, I will need developers to take a look at this, but they will need all logs, not just a part. Could you please send all logs to our support including the link to this post?

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