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Azure Blob Storage for Primary and Secondary

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There is a requirement to use Azure blob as the primary target for on-prem backups, and utilize two regions for redundancy. The requirement is as follows:
RegionA-StorageAccountA: 7 restore points
RegionB-StorageAccountB: 7 restore points, 4wkly, 12monthly, 1yrly

To accommodate the restore point requirements, my thought was to have a backup job configured for 7 restore points pointing to the StorageAccountA. I will then create a backup copy with 7 restore points, and use GFS for the 4/12/1.

Is there a better way of accomplishing the requirements above? Perhaps something cleaner or even minimizing cost on storage?
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Re: Azure Blob Storage for Primary and Secondary

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I believe you got it all correctly:

- create two Azure Blob Storage repositories
- create backup and backup copy jobs
- set the described retention
- point them to the repositories accordingly

Also, you might want to play with the access tier of secondary repository - Cool Tier might be a better storage for infrequently accessed or modified data price-wise.

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