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Copying Cloud Connect repo data to new S3 based repo

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Hi all,

Recently upgraded to VBR 12.0.1420 P20230412.

We have a number of Cloud Repositories hosted by a service provider where we have Backup Copy job data for monthly and yearly retention. For regulatory reasons, we now also need an additional copy held in a different medium/location and as such we've created a couple of AWS S3 (IA) buckets that we want to test copying the data to.

I'm looking for the best way to accomplish this while not orphaning the data if possible.

I'm not seeing the new S3 based repo under the Files section, so copy/paste doesn't seem to be available.

Trying through, Home, Cloud, right clicking on a dataset and choosing Export gets me to 'Cloud Connect backups can only be exported to the same cloud repository.'

Trying to set up another Backup Copy doesn't give me the options needed either.

As a different test, we are going to order a Snowball Edge device and try that but we'd like something available that doesn't necessarily require the Snowball device.

Any thoughts, comments ideas are appreciated.


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Re: Copying Cloud Connect repo data to new S3 based repo

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You could ask your cloud connect provider to copy the data for you up to your S3 buckets. Alternatively, you can start new backup copy jobs and copy your local again to S3 buckets.

Unfortunately, you can't use a cloud connect repository as a source for those backups.
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