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Deletion from object storage takes very long time

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VBR 11 is taking almost an hour to delete 30 restore points of a VM in Wasabi (SOBR). Is this considered too long, too quick or normal?

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10/17/2023 9:28:35 PM          Starting backup deletion job
10/17/2023 9:28:35 PM          Preparing objects for deletion
10/17/2023 9:28:35 PM          Building tasks list
10/17/2023 10:23:32 PM          Processing backup 1 out of 1 (100% done)
10/17/2023 10:23:31 PM          [PUPSIK] Backup has been removed successfully
10/17/2023 10:23:31 PM          nfs1 - s3.us-central-1.wasabisys.com: 1 deleted, 0 skipped, 0 warned, 0 failed
10/17/2023 10:23:32 PM          Job finished at 10/17/2023 10:23:32 PM
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Re: Deletion from object storage takes very long time

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Hello Kazz

Looks indeed as a long time. It may be throttling in the backend. Difficult to say without knowing your logs.
I suggest you open a support case and provide them with a debug log package.
Our support team will find the bottleneck in the log files.

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