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Error when creating a backup agent, the Blob storage does not appear.

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There is a problem on my profile, I could not create an incident, I have no CASE ID to provide. I am waiting for a response, but the problem remains regarding the solution.


I currently have the VEEAM solution, I have configured several backup directories, like this :
- First NAS server Local
- Second Local NAS server
- Azure Blob storage

I currently have several agents running to backup various types of machines, physical, virtual.

This one is working fine, backed up to local NAS servers.
I would like to deploy a cloud storage solution in addition to the cloud, so I have subscribed to a Blob Storage package.
I managed to link this one without any problem, except that, if I create a new agent and take the Backup Repository, I have my two NAS servers, but the Cloud Blob Storage does not appear.

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance,


Thank you for not deleting this publication, we have a problem creating an incident, my offer, despite my current licence, does not appear in the list and therefore does not allow me to create it.
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Re: Error when creating a backup agent, the Blob storage does not appear.

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In version 11a object storage can only be used as a secondary target powered by Capacity Tier.

However, in version 12 (which is just around the corner) direct backup to object storage will be possible.

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