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Re: how to cleanup Veeam S3 buckets?

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Hey Gostev,

What's the correct approach to delete S3 backup Data within the "Veeam configuration database Data" (on the VBR) to have a "clean" state ?
Lets say we HAD a normal SOBR with S3 (offloading) assuming the following:
1. the old S3 (Cloudian) [on prem] is not available anymore. 3-5 Buckets where used. Old S3 Data Blocks can't be deleted (from Veeam) anymore as they have been lost in a ransom ware attack. (~500TB Lost)
2. a new S3 (Cloudian) is again available and Buckets are prepared.
3. the Disk repos ist okay!

The option "delete from Configuration" is not available for S3.

So how do I get to a Clean Starting Point from the Veeam side?

The reason I am asking this is the following:
a lot of Veeam customers are experiencing massive problems with S3 like in the post above. For sure for many different reasons. ( deffernt Vendors / Casandra DB issues/ disk bottleneck / Network bottleneck / etc...)
But If the customer is not able to get to a clean state easily then it is not possible recreate certain behaviours and do proper trouble shooting.

Can you shed some light on this ?

thanks a lot
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