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how to rescan object storage on new veeam database aka DR

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Hi everyone,

I've just tried to simulate a worst case scenario where we would have to restore from an object storage. The first stept would be to setup veeam and the second one to add the repositories and do the SOBR rescan. I've started with a complete new veeam database (changed registry key) and created my SOBR using an existing s3 bucket. When I triggered the rescan, it immediately failed after 1 minute or so and in the rescan logs, there was this nice comment:
Failed to sync backup ....
Keyset '.....' not found. (Veeam.Backup.Common.CCppComponentException
I've then tried to specify the same encryption password as on the original SOBR but the same happened again.

Is this expected or is it a bug? BTW: The path shown at the s3 repository is the same as on the "original" side. Thanks!
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Re: how to rescan object storage on new veeam database aka DR

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In worst case scenario you don't have to create Scale-Out Backup Repository - you can simply import backups from object storage repository, as soon as it's created.

As to an error you get, kindly, reach our support for further assistance.

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