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[Feature Request] - Object Storage Migration (Migrate Bucket A to Bucket B) with object lock activated

Post by DE&C »

We need a solution to migrate data between buckets, even when object-lock is activated

• Object Storage is used for the backup job.
• Object-lock is activated (this is the important part for this feature request!)

• The bucket used by the backup job must be migrated to a new bucket.

Veeam has no way to migrate from object storage to another object storage when object-lock is activated (even without object-lock, frankly). The option to download all the data back onprem and then offload them again is not a solution (example: move to cloud ->not enough space onPrem, not enough bandwidth etc.). And the “bucket sync” with 3rd Party tools doesn’t work with object-lock, because the object ID change - and is very slow and therefore not a real solution for customer with a lot of data in the buckets.

Feature request

• Build in solution, that allows to migrate VBR backup data from object storage to another object storage, even when object lock is activated (Bucket A to Bucket B)
• The migration must take the (bucket) gateway settings into account.

• Migrate between cloud providers (From provider A to provider B) ->this is the most seen use case that we have (at the moment the customers have a lock-in problem)
• Replace onprem storage (vendor A) with another vendor (B). ->this use case is also often seen

The gateway settings are important. For a migration between cloud providers a dedicated VM in the cloud can be used for the migration, so the traffic flow is directy in the cloud (or between providers) without the need of downloading / uploading all the data again. This helps customers with low banding or with very high amount of data. For customers with multiple datacenters this is important to make sure the traffic flows takes the optimal intended way.
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Re: [Feature Request] - Object Storage Migration (Migrate Bucket A to Bucket B) with object lock activated

Post by HannesK »

I think, I just did what you ask for. I have a backup job pointing to an immutable "object storage 1". Then I used "move backup" in disk -> object storage and moved it to another immutable "object storage 2". The only thing I noticed is, that the user interface takes some minutes to refresh (I'm investigating that). But overall, it works fine.

It even says, that it cannot delete the data from "object storage 1", because it's immutable.

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07.06.2023 09:32:25 Succeeded Unable to delete source backup because it is immutable. The backup will be removed automatically after its immutability period expires. 
Manual gateway server selection might be useful, yes.

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