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QNAP NAS Devices - best sync option

Post by NorthGuard »

I am using a QNAP NAS with QUObjects ( for Immutability ) as my local repository.

I would like to have a 2nd QNAP offsite and am debating which is the best option to keep that 2nd NAS in sync.

OPTION 1: Use QNAP Replication

OPTION 2: Use Veeam Copy Job

I am not sure which option might be more efficient over slower connections and was curious whether anyone has tested the options.
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Re: QNAP NAS Devices - best sync option

Post by Mildur »

Hi NorthGuard

I would recommend to use a Veeam Backup Copy Job.
A replicated object by QNAP replication is not a really a second copy of your backup. If the source object has an issue, the replicated object will also be in the same state.
And with backup copy jobs, you will get real independent backup copies. Managed through a single backup server console.

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