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Removal of SOBR

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Hi Everyone,

We have had SOBR backups setup via our third part provider for a while, but are moving away from this provider. What is the best way to change the existing backup jobs back to only using local repositories / removing the SOBR repositories, without data loss. Within the individual backup jobs, I don't have the option to only choose the local repository, I can only pick the repositories that consist of the performance and capacity tier (local and cloud).

Ideally I want to remove the cloud backup option, whilst retaining the local backups and going back to local backups, whilst e sort a new cloud provider.

Thanks for your help,

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Re: Removal of SOBR

Post by Mildur »

Hi Paul

I assume this third party provider provided you with the capacity tier? Object Storage running in their environment?

In that case, just disable the capacity tier option in your SOBR. The performance tier will still be local in your environment. For Veeam it doesn't matter if you use it as a standalone repository or as a SOBR repository.
Don't forget to check if you some restore points only on the capacity. It can happen if you have configured the move policy in the capacity tier step. If so, download all backups first before removing the capacity tier.

If you also want to get rid of the SOBR configuration, you can follow this kb article:
Option 1: Use Veeam's V12 feature to change the target for the backups
Option 2: If you need to move a backup from SOBR to a simple backup repository

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