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S3 SOBR Job, data and resuming

Post by Gunna »

Our backup appliance has reached capacity. It's done great with it's dedupe so getting some more free space was a challenge.

I managed to free up a 100GB which was enough to get a manual SOBR job running but it failed after 30 something percent.

I managed to move off some more restore points off our backup appliance to free up space while retaining the links in Veeam(Veeam support confirmed this was ok. Case # 03626050). This morning I started a new manual SOBR job with the same restore point I had tried over the weekend, by this point the S3 object storage was reporting 487GB had been transferred over the weekend. When I resumed the SOBR the action panel listed the restore point and it's size of 987GB but then had 0.0% read and slowly increased over the day before pausing again once the daily backup job started. I stopped the daily backup to ensure we had enough space but the SOBR job resumed itself and started again at 0.0% read. My question is will the SOBR resume from where it left off and right at the end increase % wise for data it has already transferred of the 987GB or does it try to start from the start again?

Also when doing a restore does Veeam copy data to the performance tier before restoring?
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Re: S3 SOBR Job, data and resuming

Post by anthonyspiteri79 »

I tried to find a similar forum post from last week which was asking about resume for Cloud Tier.

My understanding is that because the blocks have been offloaded and the archive index is aware of those blocks for the block de-dupe/intelligent block transfer we perform it will not start from scratch. It might need to work out initially on resumption what blocks are up on the Object Storage.

For the restoration, we will stream the data from the Capacity Tier for restore operations. If a block is already present on the Performance Tier we will pull it from there first. We do not pull it down for staging or hold it locally until you perform a download job against the backup points.
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