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Scale out to S3 compatible service questions

Post by Gunna »

We are looking at utilising an S3 compatible service to scale out our long term backups however I have some questions.

I have annual and monthly backup jobs with that are performing reverse incremental with the Create active full backups periodically(same day the backup is happening selected), if I offload these backups to S3 will the most recent backup be referenced\read? Will this incur egress and read charges from the S3 vendor?

What happens if we want to change S3 vendors? How does Veeam handle the data transfer if it can at all? Obviously we could initiate a manual download but what would need to be done to point veeam to this new location to see the restore points?
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Re: Scale out to S3 compatible service questions

Post by HannesK »

I moved your question to the object storage forum.

If I understood you correctly, then you have two different reverse incremental chains (monthly and yearly). That means one full backup and monthly / yearly incrementals. If my understanding is correct, then only incrementals will be offloaded to S3. Please see user guide that the two first increments will not be offloaded. Could you describe what you want to do? Maybe it would make sense to re-design your backup jobs.

Offloading does not really do downloading, so egress charges are only relevant for restores.

Correct, you need to download first if you want to move to a different S3 provider. Then you remove the old capacity tier and add the new capacity tier to the scale out repository. Then you upload again.

Does that help?

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Re: Scale out to S3 compatible service questions

Post by veremin »

A small correction - since you're creating full backup periodically, backup server will offload both full and increment files to capacity tier (see inactive chain concept in the referenced section of help center). Thanks!
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