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single backup server

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A lot of small customers and branch offices have a single backup server with tape. When replacing this with veeam you can deploy a single onpremise backup server also serving for proxy and repository. Avoiding having to use tape, we can choose for S3 storage as part of a SOBR on this backup server.

Thinking in scenario's,
- it is possible that the backup server hardware fails or is not available. How can we access the backups located in the S3 storage when the Veeam Backup & Replication server is not available ?
- Can we have a standby server in the cloud that can attach the S3 storage in read only mode only for restore purposes ? How can we attach this S3 storage again to the original VBR server when it is online again ?
- Are backups located on S3 storage interchangable between multiple VBR servers ?

Thanks !
Egor Yakovlev
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Re: single backup server

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Hi LL,
Answering your questions:
- Veeam Backups in S3 are stored in proprietary format. You can access backup files, but cannot restore without Veeam Backup and Replication server.
- Sure! Standby server will work fine to restore from S3 in case of major VBR server loss. Check out Restore from S3 scenarios description here.
- Yes, but not for concurrent\simultaneous access. Only 1 VBR server should work with backup bucket.
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