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Standalone Agent Backup - Mount Object Repo in VBR

Post by warnox »


I'm testing out backing up a remote machine with Veeam Agent (Linux in this case) to object storage. I would like backups to go to object storage which is also added as a repository to a central VBR server, where restores can be performed if required. The Linux agent is not managed by the central VBR server, as there is no connectivity (as below).

1. Remote site has no local VBR server
2. Remote site has no connectivity to the central VBR server
2. Cloud Connect is not configured

The issue is configuring a standalone agent to use an object repository which is already managed by a VBR server, error "Repository has owner..." (see https://imgur.com/a/cZwaT0K). Is there a workaround for this? Even with CloudConnect, a local VBR installation cannot mount the same repository as what is presented via Cloud Connect.

One workaround is not adding the bucket/folder as repository in VBR until a restore is needed, but it seems unnecessary to block backup jobs from the standalone agent if the repo is mounted in VBR. Screenshot showing the job failing if the repo is mounted in VBR, and working otherwise, https://imgur.com/a/ET44WmC.
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Re: Standalone Agent Backup - Mount Object Repo in VBR

Post by Mildur »

Hi warnox

For now, this is an expected limitation. Object Storage Repositories can only be added to a single Agent or VBR server. It is not supported to connect them to two environments at the same time.

VBR managed repositories can try the following workaround:
- Add to a new VBR
- Test the recovery
- Remove it from the second VBR
- Go through the object storage properties on the primary VBR to take ownership back (next, next, next, finish)

This workaround wasn‘t tested by our QA. But it looks good in my lab.

I didn‘t have tested it in my lab with Standalone Agent backups.

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