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Transition to new capacity tier repository?

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My current SOBR configuration uses a local MinIO repository, which I had been (off-line) syncing to BackBlaze via the B2 interface.

Now that they offer a direct S3 API, I'd like to transition that SOBR to that API (in a new bucket created after 5/4)...

Is there any way to preserve the existing backups for (most of) their retention period without having to wait for 1TB of data and ~4 million of files to be pushed to the new bucket over my SOHO-grade uplink?

At my file count, the Backblaze recommended copy object approach will break the budget.
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Re: Transition to new capacity tier repository?

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In short, no. Even if it's on BB it will appears as a new endpoint when you add the new location as a object repo.
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