Using object storage as a backup target
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Adding AWS S3 repo, editing AmazonS3regions.xml

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Hi all,

When editing AmazonS3regions.xml to add in specific vpc information for a region, are we supposed to leave all other unused regions untouched, or should we comment out the other regions we're not using?

When going through the GUI Wizard to add a repo, object storage, S3, etc, after waiting on 'Loading Amazon S3 configuration', I get "failed to retrieve certificate from" a different region we won't be using.

Also, when selecting a specific gateway server, does the initial cert check, and reach out to S3 route from the VBR mgmt server, to the designated gateway server and out over the VPC to S3, or does the initial setup still go from VBR mgmt out to S3 via VPC?


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Re: Adding AWS S3 repo, editing AmazonS3regions.xml

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you can uncomment anything you don't need.

As far as I remember, the backup server is checking the certificates.

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