Using object storage as a backup target
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Alternative to U4 Archive Tier for Object Storage

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The eagerly awaited object storage support in U4 is very different than we were expecting. While I fully understand "restore experience", etc., there are plenty of use cases in our world for having a Backup Copy job go directly to object storage. For example, rather than using a lesser product like CloudBerry for backup, we'd rather use Veeam with Object Storage.

Has anyone tested using a CloudBerry Explorer product for S3 compatible object storage with a Backup Copy job? It's referenced here, but not direct as a Backup Copy:

Would you have to have your local Backup Job, a second local Backup Copy Job and use CloudBerry Explorer to get those to object storage, or could you use Backup Copy direct to Object Storage with CloudBerry Explorer?

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Re: Alternative to U4 Archive Tier for Object Storage

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CloudBerry Explorer seems to be more like a file manager allowing you to access, move and manage files across your local storage and S3 buckets. It does not enable direct backup copy job to object storage.

As to ability to duplicate backups into object storage as soon as they are created, it's planned for the next product update.


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