Using object storage as a backup target
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archive full backups to S3

Post by Sebastian Kulis »

I have a few question in topic of Capacity Tier.
My goal is to offload monthly backups for archiving purposes and it seems that I need to do it with SOBR and capacity tier. Currently my repositories are not part of SOBR.

1. GFS is only available in Backup Copy Job (BCJ), and not available in standard Backup Jobs (BJ), right?
2. To achive above I should: configure SOBR, include repositories with backups from BCJ, configure BCJ for monthly backups and in capacity tier to move backups older than 0/1 days to offload backups of inactive backup chain - is that correct?
3. How and where I can define retention of offloaded data to S3 (number of vbk files that should store and rotate on the cloud)? This should be done on the side of S3 provider?
4. I can't understand effects of retention policy described here: ... l?ver=95u4
In this document it is writen:
"Offloaded data blocks that correspond to the restore point that is being removed will be purged from the object storage repository upon the next successful session of the offload job"
This doesn't make sense. In my understood of above, data from S3 cloud will be deleted within the configured option in BCJ: "restores points to keep"?
If it's true then this solution of SOBR with capacity tier won't fit my needs, because I want offload full backups that is beyond restore points counter. On the other hand there are many of posts on this forum and some parts of documentation describe it that offloaded data to S3 it is not associated with with "restore points to keep" on BCJ, so how it really looks like?

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Re: archive full backups to S3

Post by Gostev »

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Retention is configured in the Backup Copy job (BCJ) settings.
4. Your understanding is correct, retention policy is managed by the job. Job is the single place that manages retention, SOBR offload settings are completely perpendicular to that and don't affect retention.

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