Using object storage as a backup target
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Archive Tier Data Transfer

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as many of us Im testing Archive Tier Data Transfer in my lab and as I found this information/table that if a GFS full backup will be moved from Capacity tier to Archive tier after that, the transported GFS file is deleted from the capacity tier.
Image ... ml?ver=110

I have now the situation that I have two GFS (weekly fulls) in the archive tier, one was deleted from capacity tier so I have it only once but the second is still present in the Capacity tier and also on Archive tier. Should it be not deleted from capacity tier as mentioned in the admin guide table?
Archive Tier:
Capacity Tier:

Do you have some link for some blog where maybe this archive logic is described? I was looking also for some webcast under Veeam resource but I didn't find any video from partner workshops with this thematic.

#2 second question do you have some experience how to calculate the price for operations?
I found an article how to price it but Im missing information about how much write operations are created when transfering for example 15GB full GFS backup file to archive tier.
Thank you!
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Re: Archive Tier Data Transfer

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yes, one full always exists in capacity tier. Agree, the user guide looks strange. I will ask technical writers.

Write operations are irrelevant... the objects are hundreds of MByte in size. I don't believe any calculator takes PUT operations into consideration.

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