Using object storage as a backup target
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[Advice Req.] Availability of the Veeam backup server and restores

Post by t481 »

I'm curious to understand how others have configured their environment.

I have two main Veeam backup servers at our two main sites. Let's say Site A and Site B. They each have their own SOBR and are backed by a shared S3 environment.

Both sites A and B have 2 DCs each with storage mirroring between the DCs at each site. Each Veeam backup server runs in VMware and is highly available at the site level. Backups that are created in DC1 are replicated to DC2 (within each site). After a backup job completes a Backup Copy job starts and creates a copy in the other DC (all within the same site). A third copy is then created on our S3 system which is available to both sites. The sites use 4 buckets between them but Site A is unaware of Site B buckets and vice versa.

The question I have is, if we were to lose Site A, how would one go about restoring Site A data to Site B DCs from S3?
Is there a better way to make "share" the catalogue so that the backups appear in the other Veeam backup server? We use Enterprise Manger (if that helps)

Any advice would be much appreciated
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Re: [Advice Req.] Availability of the Veeam backup server and restores

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if the backup server is gone, then it's easy: connect the S3 to whatever VBR server you like. Import the data in a way you like (connect object storage and import or create full SOBR).

Just make sure, that two backup servers never have write access to the same bucket (by importing object storage directly, there is only read access until V11.)

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