Using object storage as a backup target
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AWS S3 deleting backup files

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I have been testing using AWS S3 to offload backups and use immutability. I needed to delete the backup files as the retention had been met and the files were no longer needed.

I deleted the backup files in the Object Storage section in Veeam but had forgotten that the offload job would run and it has and copied all the backup files back to S3 and now they are immutable until the retention is met.

Should I have first deleted these on the local disk so that when the offload job ran there would be nothing to copy?

From time to time I need to recreate jobs and delete the old job and files and need to be able to do this. I couldn't see anything in the Veeam documentation and as yet don't think this warrants a support call.


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Re: AWS S3 deleting backup files

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Do you have configured "COPY Policy"? When a new backup file is written to the performance tier, it will get immediately offloaded to the object storage and immutability will be set for that restore point according to your setting. There is no feature to prevent that. That would make immutability meaningless, if that would be possible.

Deleting restore points on the performance tier will lead to issues in veeam. I'll try to find the corresponding topic where this was discussed.

You need to wait until the immutability period is over, before the objects are removed in the s3 storage (Your configured retention + 10 days block generation)
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