Using object storage as a backup target
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AWS S3 Glacier as an Backup Repository

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Hello everyone,

I tried to create a new backup repository in Veeam Backup & Replication 11 Community Edition.
I did the following steps:

Backup Infrastructure > Backup Repositories > Add Backup Repository > Object Storage > Amazon S3 > Amazon S3 Glacier.

I assigned a name and entered my AWS credentials on the Account page.

On the Bucket page, I then selected the correct datacenter for me and clicked Browse on Bucket.

However, nothing is displayed for me here.

However, I have already created a Vault in the S3 Glacier area in AWS.

Why is this not displayed in Veeam?

Is it not possible to backup to a vault right away? Does the data have to go through an S3 bucket?
How does the data then get from the S3 bucket into the Glacier Vault?

Best regards,

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Re: AWS S3 Glacier as an Backup Repository

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You have to use a SOBR with capacity Tier (Amazon S3) and Archive Tier for using S3 Glacier Storage.

S3 Glacier needs the new V11 Feature „Archive Tier“.

And you will need a VUL License (Enterprise plus Feature) for that.
Community Edition can not use Capacity Tier and Archive Tier.

You can add it only for restores in the community edition, not to backup to it.
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Re: AWS S3 Glacier as an Backup Repository

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Also, adding to Fabian's point, the fact that you mentioned vaults makes me think that you used Amazon S3 Glacier standalone service to create a vault and add it as an object storage repository in VBR console. However, for this purpose it should be created as a bucket with S3 Glacier storage class through AWS S3 interface (not as a Glacier vault). Thanks!

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