Using object storage as a backup target
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Azure Archive Tier and Backup Job Setup

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I am using Veeam 11 and I have 2 Azure object storage configure
- Azure Blob Storage
- Azure Blob Storage Archive Tier

both are setup inside a scale-out repository
- Capacity Tier
- check - copy backups to obj storage as soon as they are created
- check - move backups to object storage as they age out "28 days set"
- Archive Tier
- archive GFS backups older than 35 days

now on my JOB is where I am getting confuse, I would like help because I know this is not set correct ( my job is setup as a Forward Incremental Backup)
- storage
- retention - 365 days
- uncheck - keep certain full backups longer for archival
- uncheck - configure secondary

so at the moment the job add backup to the performance and capacity tier, but nothing is been add to the archive tier.

so what I am missing as far configuration?

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Re: Azure Archive Tier and Backup Job Setup

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You are pretty close to having it correct. Archive tier only moves GFS points. So you would have to check keep certain backups for longer. This is where you can enable the gfs points to keep and those will be moved to archive.
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