Using object storage as a backup target
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Backing Up to Azure Question

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Hi All,

Quick question on getting backups replicated to Azure blob storage. We maintain several weeks of backups on-premises. We then mirror these backups to Azure according to the same schedule, using an additional dedicated job that writes to a different on-premises storage location with an age of 1 day assigned to the capacity tier. This allows us to retain the on-premises job untouched.
What I have noticed, is that it appears backups to Azure are only occurring after a full backup takes place. So although the SOBR tiering job runs every 3 hours, it appears data is only transmitted once a week, in accordance with the scheduled synthetic full backup on Saturday.

So ultimately my question is, is this expected behavior? I would have expected that incremental changes would be sending to Azure, like a normal job. For example if I add 5gb of data to a server today, I would expect 5gb of data transferred to Azure the following day.

Hoping for some direction on where I might be going wrong, or if this is expected behaviour. Is the only option a daily synthetic full?

This backup configuration is being done until such time as Veeam V10 finally releases so that we can begin leveraging the ‘copy to’ versus the current and very limited ‘move to’ functionality.

Thanks All!
Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Backing Up to Azure Question

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Totally expected behaviour, as current backup chain is "active" (can change any moment with new backups coming), until it is "locked" by new Full backup (no changes to previous Full+increments anymore). Check out Backup Chain Legitimacy page for Capacity Tier guide.
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