Using object storage as a backup target
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Can I setup a SOBR like this?

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We currently have backup jobs to local storage(3-60 days retention) and backup copy jobs to other local storage.(3-5 days retention)

I'd like to setup a SOBR with 3-60 days retention on the performance tier locally, 3-5 days retention on the capacity tier in aws/azure, and then weekly or monthies on the archive tier in aws/azure

Is this even possible or does the capacity tier always have identical amounts of retention if you use the copy/offload immediately option?

The goal would be to store a bunch of data locally where we have the capacity, as little as possible(3-5 days) in an immutable capacity tier in the cloud, and then periodic archives in the archive tier.

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Re: Can I setup a SOBR like this?

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the "copy" checkbox means "identical", or "the same" retention ... ml?ver=110

Copies with different retention settings is something you might want to keep in mind, when V12 comes out in 2022. For V12 we plan "direct to object storage". That means that Backup Copy Jobs probably could do what you like to do.

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