Using object storage as a backup target
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Can't add Azure Blob storage on repository

Post by nbdsv96 »

Hey guys. Hopefully, this is a real easy answer to my question. We are doing a POC on Veeam 12 on our test server. We are testing adding AWS S3 and Azure blob storage under the backup repository on our B&R server. We had our cloud team create us an AWS bucket and a Azure storage blob account. Adding the AWS was easy. I just supplied the Access key and the Secret key and poof, it was added and I was able to choose the bucket etc.. It took like 2 mins. I try to add the Azure storage with the supplied Storage account name and Key and I cant get past that page to even add it. I keep getting the error: (Failed to load Azure Storage configuration: This request is not authorized to perform this operation. Requestid: and a bunch of #'s and letters.)

Is there some trick to this? Am I supposed to have our cloud team create a virtual network on this storage acct so this Veeam server can see it? I didn't have to any of this for the AWS. I am not sure what I am missing here. Maybe something on the Azure side needs to be active or added that allows the Veeam B&R server to be able to authenticate to it with the acct name and key? As a test on my company laptop, I downloaded the Azure storage explorer and I was able to connect to the storage acct with the supplied SAS and add it, so not sure what my issue is?

I contacted Veeam and I got the usual send us logs. I assume there is some other easy fix to this and I am overlooking something simple from Veeam or the Azure side.

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Re: Can't add Azure Blob storage on repository

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Adding Azure Blob is as straightforward as adding AWS S3, I never saw anyone having any issues with either. From your description I would guess your cloud team provided you with an account with some non-default access settings. But it is impossible to guess what exactly is missing... our support will have to try and understand that from the supplied debug logs. Thanks!
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Re: Can't add Azure Blob storage on repository

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If you can provide the case number here I can follow up for you.
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Re: Can't add Azure Blob storage on repository

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Sounds like the Azure Storage Account has been restricted in its networking settings, try to add the public IP of your backup server to be able to add the Azure Blob.
For troubleshooting reasons you could try to set the networking settings in the storage account to public access, but I wouldn't recommend it for production.
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