Using object storage as a backup target
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Performance issue with Capacity tier with immutability and Copy mode

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Support Case #04963436

We have a Hyper-V backup job pointed to a SOBR with 60 days of retention configured, no GFS.

We've added an Amazon S3 repository with 30 days of immutability configured as the Capacity tier of the SOBR. The "Copy backups to object storage as soon as they are created" option has been enabled. The desire it to have the primary backup chain mirrored in S3 with immutability for protection.

Restore points seem to be copying, but the processing speed is extremely slow. The job was in the state of "Preparing index" for just over 103 hours before it actually started copying restore points. Now that restore points are copying, they're moving at a rate of anywhere between 15-50Mbit/s. The Bottleneck indicator says Source. This is on a dedicated backup server with plenty of memory, CPU, and dedicated local storage behind a Gigabit connection to the Internet.

Is this expected behavior/performance for what we're trying to achieve?

Thanks for any guidance

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Re: Capacity tier with immutability and Copy mode

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and welcome to the forums.

No, that's not expected (assuming that you also have plenty of IO capacity on your storage). Please continue working with support.

PS: I edited your title for easier readability.

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