Using object storage as a backup target
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Feature request: backup direct to Microsoft Azure BLOB storage

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I am writing regarding a feature that would be very nice to have in Veeam B&R server.
Is there a possibility now or in the futuure for direct backup to Microsoft Azure BLOB storage archive tier. At the moment we have a problem to solve, where a client needs alot of data backed up somewhere on cheap storage space. If we could backup it with Veeam directly to BLOB storage, that would be great.

Regards and thanks.

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Re: Feature request: Microsoft Azure BLOB storage

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Our implementation of cloud out works a bit differently. What you could do at this moment is take a backup and store it on the SOBR performance tier and keep it there for a minimum amount of restore points (I could say 1 but I always find that very dangerous :-)). After that, move aging backups off to the capacity tier.
Not sure if that would help for the customer

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