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Feature Request, Pre/Post Scripts for Offload jobs

Post by Twilight-Arbo »

Not sure if this is the place for this but I saw another post related to feature requests so Ill stick it here. My company is migrating to VMware Cloud in AWS entirely and are using an ec2 instance as our performance tier repository. To attempt to save money we implemented start/stop scripts for the backup jobs to start the ec2 instance before a backup job and shut it down after (so it isnt running full time). The problem with this solution is the offload to capacity tier jobs dont do pre/post scripts (at least not that I am aware of) so they dont start the ec2 instance and fail. Would it be possible to implement scripts on these jobs as well so we dont have to leave ec2 instances running full time.

Since ec2 is the recommended method in multiple KBs for VMware Cloud backup, perhaps the better way would be to have the auto start/stop be a built in function but pre/post scripts solve that problem just as well.
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Re: Feature Request, Pre/Post Scripts for Offload jobs

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and welcome to the forums. I moved your post to the object storage forum.

Could the following workaround help you? run offload to S3 as post-job-script and shutdown VM afterwards

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Start-VBRCapacityTierSync -Repository SOBRNAME
from here

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