Using object storage as a backup target
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How to configure retention in Azure blob?

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i want to configure to backup for 7 days on onpremises and i want to move those backup to Azure blob keeping for 30 days.

Where do I set the Azure blob backup to stay for 30 days?


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Re: How to configure retention in Azure blob?

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Hi Sandro

Capacity tier (Azure Blob) always use the retention of the backup jobs. If you want to have only 7 days on your Performance tier (onpremise), you need to use move policy in the SOBR. With the move Policy, backup files will be moved from onpremise to Azure Blob as soon there are outside of the configured restore operational windows. And because you want to have 30 days backups in the Azure, you need to configure your backup job to retain 30 days of backups.
For using the move policy, you need to make sure that your backup jobs are sealed. So you need to create weekly synthetic full. Because how synthetic fulls are working, you will have slightly more restore points than 30 days or 7 days on premise. This is explained here.

What you have todo:

1) Create a SOBR with your onpremise and Azure blob.

2) Configure on the capacity tier page the move Policy to 7 days, so they get removed immediately from the performance tier after 7 days the old backup chain was sealed. Or use 0 days to move them immediately when a new fullbackup was done. Secondly, also activate the copy policy, so that the offload happens each day as soon a new restore point was created.

3) Create a Backup Job with Synthetic Full esch weekend and a Retention of 30 days.
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