Using object storage as a backup target
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How to - One off full backup tiered to Glacier

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I'm relatively new to Veeam and I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of the concepts. I have a requirement to make a one time full backup of some files that we just really need to keep for 2 years. Is there a fairly simple way of doing so?
Here's what I've done/tried:
Created an SOBR with performance + capacity in S3 + Glacier (not deep archive). I set this repository to automatically copy performance tier to capacity.

Created a file backup job to backup the files I wanted, pointed it to the SOBR and ran it. This worked well, I have the backup sitting in performance and capacity. The problem is it doesn't seem to move to Glacier. It sits in capacity tier.
Is there an easy way to tell Veeam - hey this backup can go straight to archive tier and doesn't have to sit in capacity?


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Re: How to - One off full backup tiered to Glacier

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There's no shortcut like you're probably asking for. To be archived the conditions listed in the following link must be met - ... ml?ver=110

Have you closed the backup chain by taking a new active or synthetic full? Guessing your backup chain is still active...

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Re: How to - One off full backup tiered to Glacier

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Most likely the backup does not have a GFS flag assigned thus it doesn't get archived. More information about backup types supported for archival can be found here.

The simplest option will be to create a VeeamZIP backup and select the Scale-Out Backup Repository as its destination.


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