Using object storage as a backup target
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HTBB with Azure

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Is this link applicable to Veeam offload jobs using Azure blob V2 storage?

The article talks about higher throughput when PUT Blob operations are over >4MiB in size. ... b-storage/

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Re: HTBB with Azure

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Our largest block size is 4096 KB via using the storage optimization setting of "Local target (large blocks)" which is below the minimum block size for most of the Azure storage account types.

This explains our different storage optimization settings: ... ml?ver=100

The BlockBlobStorage (Premium) offering, which has a minimum block size of >256KiB, will fit all of our storage optimization sizes except for "WAN target" which is 256KB.

Hope this helps.

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Re: HTBB with Azure

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Also, keep in mind average compression ratio of 2x. But even with large blocks, if the data compresses well - then objects can end up being smaller than 256KB.

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