Using object storage as a backup target
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Improvement suggestion for Capacity Tier

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I know the normal rules wouldn't allow a single VeeamZIP machine to be migrated to the Capacity Tier, but it would make sense to allow them to move there with out having a newer copy on the Performance Tier storage.

We use VeeamZIP to export old machines so we have a grace period where the machines are gone from vcenter, but we can easily bring them back from the last state before they were deleted.

But as the setup is now, a VeeamZip will never be migrated due to the Capacity Tier requirements, so they will be placed on the expensive storage, it would be great if that could change!

So my suggestion is to make a check mark that allow VeeamZip to migrate with out having a newer "chain" on performance tier.


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Re: Improvement suggestion for Capacity Tier

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You're right in saying that currently only restore points associated with backup jobs get moved to capacity tier. Thanks you for the feedback; appreciated!

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