Using object storage as a backup target
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is veeam compatible with swisscom s3

Post by evolink »

Good morning,

I'm looking for informations about the Veeam compatibility with an operator cloud service called "s3 dynamic storage" from Swisscom.
their documentations says the following thing:

Swisscom Dynamic Storage supports two APIs:

Atmos API
Amazon S3 API (Currently only V2 signing is supported. There is no support for V4 signing yet.)

link for more informations: ... namic.html

Am i able to backup using veeam on this?

thanks for your help and answers!

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Re: is veeam compatible with swisscom s3

Post by DGrinev »

Hi and welcome to the community!

You cannot backup to S3 directly using the existing version of the product.
However, till we are waiting for v10 release, you can use another solution for backups by using the AWS VTL Gateway.
Please take a look at the Blog Post for additional information about S3. Thanks!

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